Thursday, February 03, 2011

Desert Carmel, AZ

In 1970, we bought property here west of Casa Grande AZ on Hyw 84. The area was called Desert Carmel and this is where the Giants baseball team had their spring training. We sold it in 1982. The area flopped after the Giants moved and the copper mines closed.

The Hotel and golf coarse are still there. At the time we had no intention of moving to AZ as we are today.
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At 9:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, in 1968 my parents bought one of the first homes built in Desert Carmel. I think our home at 2409 West Boone Drive was supposed to be a model home. I was 7 years old when we moved there. When we were supposed to move into the house at the agreed upon date the house was no where near finished. My dad was upset, and made the developer put us up in 2 rooms at the Francisco Grande Resort. It was a long fun summer for me and my brothers. We swam, and ran wild at the hotel ! We got all of our meals delivered by room service, and the developer paid all the bills. After we moved into our home the Grande let us come and use their pool anytime. We met a very nice lady named Mrs. Ramsey, she also lived at Desert Carmel. One day after laying by the pool with my mother, and having a nice poolside lunch she said her washer was broken and she had to go to take some clothes to the laundry mat. Later that day we heard a loud crash, I rode my bike down Candlestick Drive to find a terrible car accident, it was Mrs. Ramsey, a garbage truck had run a stop sign and hit her car hard. She was laying on the road already dead. I rode home and had my mom call for an ambulance.
Life for a kid was great, after school I road my bike all over the Desert Carmel land. My brother had horses, and my dad would land our private plane on Boone Drive, and taxi it to the back yard and park it.
I drove by my old house, it was once beautiful, now neglected and trashed. Sad, as it was a beautiful home.


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