Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Alamo Village

Alamo Village is a movie set located on a 22,000 acre working cattle ranch in Bracketville TX. The set was home to over 150 movies, tv shows and commercials. It was built originally for the John Wayne movie 'The Alamo'. All building are full buildings not just fronts. There are many many buildings as this is a full town. Another western is scheduled to start in 2 weeks. Many stars have been here to shoot their shows.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Langtry, Texas

This is where Judge Roy Bean dispensed justice, 'West of the Pecos'. Some of the stories are true, but many are fiction. His original saloon still stands.

Big Bend National Park

We had a wonderful time in Big Bend. The desert was in full bloom and this is one of the prettist place we have been. It is so vast, over 800,000 acres. It is 58 miles from the park entrance to the campground inside the park. We did a lot of off roading. One trip took 5 hours to go 28 miles as a four wheel drive is needed.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Mesilla, NM

Mesilla is located just south of Las Cruces NM and has a lot of history.In 1854 the American flag was raised here in the courtyard to signal the signing of the Gadsden Purchase.

The Butterfield Overland stage had a regional office here.

The William Bonney (Billy the Kid) Gallary is located here

At the building in the picture Billy the Kid was sentenced to death later to be shot by Marshal Pat Garret.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hermanas Grand

Wed we traveled down the Hermanas Grand road from Deming to the Mexico border. On the way we saw a USAF Research site where we saw this big research balloon. Then on to Hachita NM which looked like a ghost town to us. Buildings all boarded up and nothing open. We ate at a Butterfield Stage stop on the way back to Deming.

Later on Norma and I played 18 holes of golf. She has started to play again.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Deming, NM

We left our winter RV park in Mesa yesterday and traveled to Deming NM. It is a little cooler here because we are much higher. We'll spend this week here and leave for Big Bend National Park after Easter.
We'll finish waxing the unit and washing the clothes that we have put off for the last week.

Deming is a very nice little town right on I10 and we have been here many times. We stopped at the Escapees park so we know a few people. We'll have a nice Easter dinner here on Sunday.